It all started with a little picture of a red squirrel placed on a site with exhibitions and events. Several days later I met the author of “Squirrel. Tsarskoe Selo”, St Petersburg artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky, at a Moscow art gallery Brusov Art Space.

войцеховскийSquirrel. Tsarskoe Selo (Village of the Tsars)

Bright pictures on white walls of a gallery. A laconic name next to each picture, or even a whole story told in several lines if you are lucky. You start examining images one by one, can’t stop smiling and in several minutes you forget that you are in a gallery as it feels like being among good old friends. You are going through the small nothings of life with the heroes and recognize a little bit of yourself in each and every of them. And you can’t stop wondering how these small, childly naive pictures can shine with so much artistic and human sincerity and light.

Later, when I read that Alexander Voitsekhovsky is also a doctor, I was not even surprised. He spent more than 10 years working at ambulance and saving lives. He was going to Siberian expeditions since childhood years, was the worst student at school and finally “became” an artist at the age of thirty. Of course, he has always been using every spare moment to draw, but… One day he was invited to his own exhibition which was secretly prepared by the artist’s friends. They collected all the works Alexander gifted them and added his own comments as the paintings’ names. “We take you as an artist, and now it’s your time to decide who you are”. And Voitsekhovsky followed his true dream as it’s the only way to be happy.

Voitsekhovsky artist

войцеховский пришлось отступитьThere was nothing for it but to retreat

войцеховский жорж бизеGeorges Bizet with his relatives at a premiereвойцеховский встреча с уткой Encounter with the LARGE REED DUCK

войцеховский ежики Hedgehogs-2войцеховский мой бесконечный друг My never-ending friendвойцеховский писатель утконосов Emerging from his log hut carrying a milk-can, the children’s writer Utkonosov catches sight of his friends, who have just arrived from town, and realizes… his plans have changedвойцехович трамвай Tram. Winter. Saint-Petersburg

войцеховский попутчицаJolly fellow-traveler
войцеховский вечерний звонок Evening callвойцеховский белые ночи White Nightsвойцеховский апрель Aprilвойцеховский коты ‘Cats’. Murochka (‘Kitty’) Polonskaya in the main role

войцеховский шабатShabbat

войцеховский трамвайWinter. Tram

войцеховский внезапное увлечениеSudden flame

войцеховский прогулкаOut with her nephew at the quay
войцеховский прогулка 2 Out with her nephew. The tram stop beside the Monument to the Postman

войцеховский в магазине– Half of a kilogram of the dietary ones, please!войцеховский пицца Family supper
The master of the house explains how to eat pizza

войцеховский невестаMeeting at Lake Wannsee
“You need to give the matter serious consideration, Marta.”
“I’ve already decided, Papa. The wedding takes place a week from now.”

войцеховский первые гастроли в японииFirst concert tour in Japan
войцеховский яхта Sailing on the royal yacht in bad weather

войцеховский капитанвойцеховский снегвойцеховский начало зимы The beginning of winter. Zelenogorsk

“Art doesn’t come in a form of a specific medicine and still it is curing you from vain temptations and provides reserves of vital energy, protects you from diseases of society, lifts your spirits and makes you laugh at yourself. I recommend you to follow prescriptions supplied by the doctor and artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky”.
Yuriy Norshteyn, animator and artist.

Winter, crowds, big city fuss… It’s been a lot of days, and I’m still thinking of naive, fairy-tale yet so real characters of the artist Voitsekhovsky. And each time I smile. Which means a lot in our busy and often unfriendly, rushing world.

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