Great news: on the 2nd of March jazz band of Boris Ivanov is performing at one of my all time favorite museums – Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. It is a part of the In the sky above Moscow musical project which always means an incredible view upon the city.

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The exciting part: all the concerts of the project take place either on the rooftop of the museum which is right down the famous soviet masterpiece Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (created by Vera Mukhina for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris) either on the 4 floor of the museum with a free access to the rooftop. Stunning panoramic view is guaranteed in both cases.

Tickets can be bought at the book office of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, voxxter, or Moscow Manege site.

Price: 300 rub

Where: Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, Mira pr-t, 123b, Moscow  (Metro station: VDNKh)
When: March 2; 8 PM



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