This winter I was lucky enough to see an incredibly beautiful exhibition dedicated to Mariano Fortuny which was referred as “the Magician of Venice” by his contemporaries.

Mariano Fortuny is one of the brightest innovators of the 20th century. Fashion and object designer, scenographer, artist, creator of the patented scenographic elements and innovative methods of tissue processing, traveler and photographer. In 1907, inspired by the aesthetics of ancient Greece, Mariano Fortuny creates one of his most knows masterpieces – Delphos, a tunic dress made of fine pleated silk. Lightweight, elegant, minimal. It reminded of the costumes of antique statues and goddesses of Olympus and appeared to be a real revelation and revolution in society laced up in corsets and full of prejudices.

The exhibition features about 150 works imported to St. Petersburg mainly from the Museum of Mariano Fortuny and Venice city museums. The visitors will see his famous tunics and dresses, as well as sketches, oil paintings, original fabrics and photographs taken by the artists.

Something extra: the exposition is accompanied by exhibits from the Hermitage collection to create a historical background and to show the source of the artist’s inspiration.

When: 07.12.2016 – 13.03.2017
Where: 2 floor of the General Staff building (Hermitage Museum)

 Delphos dressesFemina fashion magazine: Mariano Fortuny advert.
1913. Paris.Page from Vogue magazine featuring Fortuny dresses.
October 1924. Paris.Isadora Dunkan and Sergei Yesenin wedding picture, 2 May 1922. Isadora and her daughter Irma are wearing Mariano Fortuny dresses.Mariano Fortuny “Portrait of Henriette”. 1915. Venice.Picture album of Mariano Fortuny


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