This spring Moscow Manege presents a personal exhibition of a modern artist Vladimir Dubossarsky: series of paintings based on photos published by the artist’s Facebook friends. The visitors will also see several images created by a robot programmed to imitate Dubossarsky’s style. The point is to show that in the present state of technology, such an individual thing as a style can be formalized and transferred to the computer; the soul of the artist is digitized and alienated.

The main themes of this reflective exhibition: change of the value of art in general and painting in particular in the era of advanced information technology, social networking, big data, etc. What does it mean to be an artist today? How does the creativity change under the influence of new technologies? Where are the boundaries between consumption and creation – between art and content? Who owns the information generated by the Internet users? And many others.

When: 22 April — 29 May 2016
Worker and Kolkhoz Woman


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