Moscou Rouge

Winter, snowstorm, ice cold northern wind, all the precious fabrics and jewels. Theatre: heavy old curtain, dark red velvet of the boxes, low-necked dresses and excited buzz of the audience. Vanity table. Tender violet powder from a heavy golden Caron box, Guerlain lip pencil and a derisive glance. Winter holiday’s morning with a subtle fragrance of homemade almond-anise pie. A big bouquet of flowers, carelessly left in a family crystal vase. My home city in Christmas decorations and lights. Everything in a little transparent bottle. A real treasure.

Juan Luna, En el Balcon, 1884
Разживин Игорь Владимирович, Москва Новогодняя, 2008

Notes: carnation; ylang-ylang; iris; vanilla; coriander

Krasnaya Moskva Perfume/ Red Moscow/ Moscou Rouge was created in 1925. It also has a page on Fragrantica.


Or des Scythes

Autumn in my granny’s countryside house, September, October. Terrace, creaking wood floor and weightless lace curtains on wide windows. Slanting beams of light are falling down on the floor and table. It’s five o’clock or maybe six. The days are getting shorter, so you can’t really tell. They’re going to drink tea. Blue and golden tea cups from an old set, honey in a crystal vase and countryside apples in a big wicker basket. And the slight feeling of saddness as the summer is gone for another long year.

Константин Коровин, За чайным столом, 1888 (fragment);
Павел Рубинский, Натюрморт с самоваром, 2011image

Notes: red apple; sandalwood; bergamot; amber; aldehydes



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