Dmitriy Nalbandyan is a Russian artist, classic of socialist realism known for his “simple and heartfelt” portraits of the most important politicians of Soviet Russia. He was even called the “first painter of Political Bureau”. For example it’s well known that Stalin himself spent 45 minutes of his life posing for Nalbandyan which never happened before. All the other portraits of Stalin were made by his photographs.

Dmitriy Nalbandyan moved to Tverskaya, 8 in 1956. There are almost no political and historical artworks in this workshop. The light and spacious place is revealing another side of the artist, and we can see that Nalbandyan was a brilliant impressionist and a true lover of nature, traveling and life. His bright and lively paintings are radiating with joy and sincerity.
In the museum we can also see things that used to belong to the artist: collection of books, soviet furniture, souvenirs brought from other countries, photographs and postcards.

People who work in the museum are very enthusiastic and nice. The atmosphere is cheerful and bright just like the artworks of Dmitriy Nalbandyan.

музей налбандяна

музей налбандянаCrimea. Seaside. 1972

музей налбандянаGurzuf. Crimea. 1980

музей налбандянаMimosa. 1956

музей налбандянаAutumn landscape. 1972

Official website: Museum-Studio of D. Nalbandyan
Address: Tverskaya street, 8/2
Opening hours: TU-SAT 12:00-18:00



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