My professional selection: the best unknown boulangeries-bakeries of Paris. Because you can never ignore bread, pastry and cakes here.

Boulangerie Saint-Antoine

Boulangerie Saint AntoinePain aux raisins and two croissants ordinairesBoulangerie Saint AntoineCherry/raspberry cake and chocolate eclair.
Boulangerie Saint Antoine

baguetteBaguette selfie. It had to happen.

Hands down, the best boulangerie of Marais-Bastille area. Everything is delicious. Croissants are crunchy, tender and never too oily, the classic baguette is la base. All the cakes (trust me, I’ve tried a lot) are amazing. The perfect plan: go to Saint-Antoine, get breakfast of your choice, go to Place des Vosges (5 minutes), enjoy the life. They also have coffee and a little outdoor table.

Address: 29 Rue Saint Antoine
Closed on Wednesday.


Boulangerie Miss Manon

Miss ManonAttention on the chocolate croissant 

Another beautiful place of rue Saint Antoine. Way more crowded and loved by tourists than Boulangerie Saint-Antoine. A bit more pricey. However, the bread, pastry and cakes are amazing. Miss Manon makes a lot of unusual pastry like chocolate croissant or pain banan-chocolat while all the other boulangeries sell the basic croissant and pain au chocolat. You can also take the glorious way to Place des Vosges or stay inside. Keep in mind that if you are staying in, you’re going to pay a bit more.

Address: 87 rue St Antoine 75004 Paris
Closed on Monday.

Boulangerie Legay Choc

Legay ChocThe irreplaceable tartelette aux framboises. Legay ChocLegay Choc

The first thing you see when you go on their website is a brioche in a shape of a penis. Legay Choc is a fun and exceptionally gay-friendly place like everything else in Marais. People who work there are super nice, everything they sell is delicious. It’s a little bit provocative but it’s also that good “boulangerie de quartier” where the locals go every day. My personal favorites: pistachio tartlet with raspberries (Legay Choc, never ever stop making it!) and pain aux raisins – swirl pastry with raisins. Delicious.

Address: 45 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
Website: Legay Choc
Closed on Tuesday.

If you are are ultra conservative or hanging out with your granny, there is another Legay Choc bakery. They don’t sell bread in a shape of a penis.

Legay Choc 2: 
Address: 33 Rue Rambuteau
Closed on Tuesday.

Boulangerie Saint Placide

Boulangerie Saint PlacideThe croissant ordinaire!Boulangerie Saint Placide

The science of croissant. There are two types of them: croissant au beurre (the famous french croissant) and croissant ordinaire (no butter involved). Boulangerie Saint Placide is your place if you are looking for croissant ordinaire. I have to tell you that calorie wise both of the croissants are pretty much the same but the ordinaire one from Saint Placide is something special. It feels like it has absolutely no trace of neither butter nor margarine (that’s what they normally add to “no butter” croissants). This is the absolutely new level: a simple and light croissant that is golden and fluffy.
What else? Great little cakes and tarts. Nice pastry. And absolutely stunning chocolate brownie with walnuts. Unfortunately, I have no photograph of the brownie as I always finish it too fast and I have no regrets about it.

Address: 18 rue Saint-Placide
Closed on Sunday



THE BEST CROISSANT AU BUERRE OF PARIS IS HERE. There is no picture of the best croissant au buerre of Paris because it tends to disappear within 30 seconds. The end.

LADURÉE Bonaparte – 34 rue Jacob
LADURÉE Royale – 75 avenue des Champs Elysées
LADURÉE Champs Elysées – 75 avenue des Champs Elysées
LADURÉE Printemps Haussmann -64 boulevard Haussmann


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