I always liked the concept of blending perfumes. Demeter is the most logical brand for that purpose. You can choose your favorites from their numerous fragrance library to design and blend your own custom scent by combining perfumes directly on your skin. However Demeter realizes that you can easily get lost rushing from Holy Smoke to Laundromat, wondering how Frozen Pond smells like and what’s the subtle difference between Salt Air and Caribbean Sea.

This holiday season Demeter presents their blending duos and trios: the foolproof combinations of scents that can be mixed together successfully in almost any proportions.



Christmas Tree / Sweet Orange: a zesty blend of citrus, ginger and mint all together.

Mulled Cider / Egg Nog: a delightful, fruity and creamy concoction.

Apple Pie / Vanilla Cake Batter: an almost edible personal scent of Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Pie / Sandalwood: pumpkin, sugar and cinnamon with a woody touch.

Blackberry Pie / Green Tea: warm, fruity and spicy combination to welcome the fall season.

Chai Tea / To Yo Ran: soft, warm, aromatic mixture of eastern spices with a lemony note of white orchid.

Jasmine / Lavender: favorite scent combination of Demeter’s perfumer creator.

Clean Skin / Sunshine: another favorite scent combination of Demeter’s perfumer creator.

Patchouli / Baby Powder: and another favorite scent combination of Demeter’s perfumer creator.

Each Duo contains two fragrances that that can be combined or blended together in any proportion, and simple tools to make blending easier:

– Refillable spray bottle, so you can blend in more precise proportions than just blending directly on the skin
– 4 Droppers – no spills
– Funnel – no mess
– DO IT YOURSELF Customizable label (permanent markers work best)
– Two, one ounce fragrances that will love each other any way you blend them together. And, of course, they remain beautiful for wearing alone. 

Price of 1 set: $35.00



Water (Rain / Salt Air / Great Barrier Reef): fresh, soft and sheer, perfect anytime.

Heavy Floral (Pruning Shears / Violet / Apple Blossom): full, deep flowers without being overwhelming, as only Demeter can.

Wood (Patchouli / Gin & Tonic / Sandalwood): classic and modern, these three very different woody scents work equally well for men or women.

Clean (Sunshine / Clean Skin / Musk #7): lighter, fresher scents that work anytime, anywhere.

Light Floral (Daisy / Dandelion / Lavender): subtle, feminine and lively for every day.

Vanilla (Hawaiian Vanilla/ Angel Food / Gingerbread): simply the most classic and well loved of modern fragrance notes.

Price of 1 set: $45.00

SIGNATURE BLENDING TRIOS (if you are feeling frisky):


December / January 2015 (Snow / Blue Spruce / Fireplace): a very deep blue-green scent. Enticing, powerful and enveloping.

November / December 2015 (Cranberry / Pumpkin Pie / Lemon Meringue): a warm and spicy olfactory treat.

October / November 2015 (Provence Meadow / Sandalwood / Earl Grey Tea): looking towards fall with warmer and spicier scents.

Price of 1 set: $45.00

I think it’s an awesome way to satisfy your inner perfumer, play around with scents and learn the notes and layering basics. And a great Christmas present of course! What do you guys think? Do you own/love any Demeter fragrances? Let me know.


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