This autumn Dior invites us to join maestro François Demachy, the legendary perfumer-creator, on his journey finding the most precious essences for the brand’s perfumes. Each episode is one destination, one ingredient and many visual, olfactory and human inspirations.

“Wherever he goes, from Grasse to Calabria and India, he strives to ensure each one of these encounters is part of a human adventure to support and revitalize exceptional sectors that have grown rare and vulnerable. And to obtain unique raw materials. For we know that the sum of all these details makes for the ultimate luxury and identity of a Dior fragrance.”


“May Rose from Grasse is the queen of the exceptional flowers that grow in this region of southern France. François Demachy, in an effort to bestow Dior fragrances with the most exceptional flowers, forged two vital partnerships that play a decisive role in the revival of the terroir. The “Domaine de Manon” under the direction of Carole Biancalana and the “Clos de Callian” headed by Armelle Janody thus devote their entire May Rose harvest to Dior fragrances.”


“Calabrian Bergamot is essential to the structure of Dior fragrances. François Demachy has thus gone so far as to create a custom San Carlo Bergamot through an exclusive partnership with a Reggio-based estate that devotes its annual harvest to the House of Dior.

Zesty, floral, fruity—this bergamot is like no other. Shaped and honed, it is the result of an authentic collaboration.”


“Two varieties of Jasmine blossom in the south of India: Jasmine Sambac, used for the first time with the fragrance J’adore, and Jasmine Grandiflorum. François Demachy takes us with him to the fields where the flowers are grown for the Dior Maison de Parfums. You can feel the magic of the landscapes, the poetic setting of a craft that has remained unchanged and guarantees truly exceptional quality.”

To be continued..

Dior: The Quest For EssencesDior: The Quest For Essences


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