Diptych is a double image on the heavy oval perfume bottle that tells a story of a long journey. Indian temple surrounded by the smell of incense and the heat of monsoon climate, branches of the tropical woods, water lilies, reeds; boat, moored on the banks of a quiet river, and subtle silhouettes of two strangers.

Both the image, and description of the perfume on the Diptyque website make you think of a heavy oriental perfume. However Eau Duelle is not a dangerous adventure, it’s more of a story about distant lands, told in a European cafe during a cup of aromatic spicy tea. This fragrance is lovely and comforting like the velvety voice of Ella Fitzgerald during the wintertime. It’s warm and cozy like a favorite sweater or a home party with friends in the cold evening of November when it’s getting dark so early. Relevant anytime, anywhere, Eau Duelle is a perfect scent version of all the things that make winter bearable.

I have the eau de parfum version and the staying power of it is impressive. If today you applied two sprays, then tomorrow you’d better go for one only. To me the main notes are: juniper, vanilla bean and elemi. Then you get loose black tea and spices, soft and natural. Complete treat for the cold season.

diptyque eau duelle review


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