This holiday season Diptyque teams up with a french artist Julien Colombier to create an exotic and mystical Christmas collection – “Forêts Imaginaires” (“Imaginary Forests”).
I absolutely love this collaboration. Contrasting and graphical jungle prints of Colombier look unexceptionally festive on the brand’s luxurious candles and perfume packagings.


“Textile prints and Art Deco train his eye with regard to shape, colour and looking at detail – the first ‘hypnosis’ that lead to Matisse and Keith Haring and to artists capable of painting the energy of joy. The young artist thus discovered the power of patterns. Repeated, rhythmic, hammered home patterns and their perpetual rhythm. On a black background, armed with pastels and chalk, he hones a technique that occupies the space by a collision of colours, which he uses like a source of light.

Jungles, clouds, waves and geometric figures become pretexts for these contrasts and reality becomes distorted, bordering on abstraction. For while he prefers that which is universal and timeless, his patterns are not subjects; rather, they serve as media for creating atmospheres free from personal narrative and projections. A single principle: firstly, make a clear and head-on impact; afterwards, enable feeling the shock waves with finesse and nuance.”

diptyque sapin candle

Sapin candle – The base of a pine tree which draws back to childhood, to the beauty of winter and the memories of a Christmas gone by. The fragrant resin crystals are infused with a hint of mandarin: a familiar yet unprecedented meeting of citrus and woody notes. – $70.00 for 6.5 oz; $35.00 for 2.4 oz

diptyque liquidambra candle

Liquidambar candle – A celebration of nature’s delights, which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree. Its enveloping liquid amber is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, then cloaked in the scent of muscovado sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmand accents. – $70.00 for 6.5 oz; $35.00 for 2.4 oz

diptyque oliban candle

Oliban candle – A thousand and one mysteries are released through the sweet oriental vapours of incense. The woody accents are set against fresh notes and balmy tones within this warm and soothing aromatic gem. – $70.00 for 6.5 oz; $35.00 for 2.4 oz

diptyque Seasonal candle set

Seasonal candle set – Feu de bois, Opopanax, Ambre, Pomander, Vanille.
Wood fire, a crackling fire in the earth. Opopanax, a resin with oriental accords. Amber, the mystery of a rare substance with leathery accents. Pomander, a chrismas orange studded with cloves and cinnamon. Vanilla, the spicy quality of the vanilla pod. – $75

diptyque Holiday 3 mini candle set

Holiday 3 mini candle set – This year, diptyque has introduced three new candles to light up the holiday season: a limited edition collection dedicated to the olfactory attributes of trees. With Sapin -pine tree -, resin is tinged with a trace of mandarin orange in a new encounter between citrus and woody notes. For Liquidambar, the amber from this tree with red leaves is spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and enveloped in muscovado sugar. Oliban gives off sweet vapours of incense with soothing wooding accents. Each releases and diffuses its fragrance for around thirty hours. – $100

diptyque Holiday 10 mini candle set

Holiday 10 mini candle set –  Pomander, Sandalwood, Juniper, Wood fire, Opopanax, Amber, Benzoin, Vanilla, Hazelnut Tree, and Cypress (1.2 oz each) – iconic Diptyque scents mingle with seasonal favorites in this exclusive candle set. – $130

diptyque eau de parfum discovery set

5 eaux de parfum discovery set – Five signature Diptyque fragrances: Tam Dao, Philosykos, Eau Duelle, Do Son, L’Ombre dans l’Eau. – $115

diptyque Philosykos eau de parfum limited edition

Philosykos eau de parfum limited edition – Fig Leaves and Wood, White Cedar. A unique bottle which celebrates the interplay between light and transparency, illustrating the inspirational origin of the Philosykos fragrance. The sun is at its peak. The famous fig tree takes on a different guise, warmed till white-hot by a mist of cedar. The scent is woody and racy, envelopped by the nourishing accents from its bark and luxuriant foliage. – $165

diptyque Do Son eau de parfum limited edition

Do Son eau de parfum limited edition – Tuberose, Orange Leaves, Pink Peppercorns, Musk. A unique bottle which celebrates the interplay between light and transparency, reveling a new interpratation of the Do Son illustration. Like a Vietnamese pagoda on the edge of the Gulf of Tonkin, the tuberoses are embraced by the fresh sweetness of a sea breeze. – $165

diptyque L'Ombre dans l'Eau eau de parfum limited edition

L’Ombre dans l’Eau eau de parfum limited edition – Blackcurrant Leaves, Bulgarian Roses. A uniquely crafted bottle born from the artistic collaboration between diptyque and a French engraver. A piece entirely made by hand using a unique technique, the work of art recreates the essence of the English garden that inspired L’Ombre dans l’Eau fragrance. The stroll continues through the rose garden. On a bed of moss the voluptuous, sensual Damask roses spread their petals, perched on their fresh stems. A limited edition, only 450 pieces created. – $365

And finally…

diptyque holiday collection calendar

Diptyque Advent Calendar which includes:

  • Perfumes (10ml): 34 EDT, Florabellio EDT, Oud EDP, Do Son EDT, Philosykos EDT, Tam Dao EDP, l’Ombre dans l’eau EDP,
  • precious oil for body and bath (15ml),
  • rich butter for the body (15ml),
  • Mini-candles (35g): pomander, genévrier, santal, feu de bois, ambre, opoponax, vanille, benjoin, noisetier, 34, oud, géranium rosa, figuier, rose, cyprès,
  • Candle (70g): baies.

Price: €300.00 


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