This year I’ve decided to revise my capitalistic views and finish up products which I already have instead of getting new ones. I’ve been keeping it strong. So today I reward myself with the third Empties post. Let’s see what’s in here!


Lumene Sensitive Touch 3in1 Gentle Cleansing Water
A good basic product from one of my favorite drugstore brands. It does exactly the same thing as any other micellar water – removes impurities and make-up (I only wear not-waterproof one), but I prefer Bioderma or Garnier ones anyway. Cheap. Fragrance-free. Not going to repurchase.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
I know that Clinique 3-step skin care system is either a love or hate thing. I tried various products from all of the steps, and love happened only with the lotion – it clarifies, exfoliates and leaves your skin clear and smooth. The bottle on the picture had some serious sufferings during our airplane trip together.


Yves Rocher Radiance Shampoo Ecolabel
This is probably my third bottle. Cleanses without drying out, foams well, smells zesty and fresh. Big bottle (400 ml). Often on sale (1.5 euros). And last but not least, according to their website: 1 shampoo purchased = 1 tree planted. I don’t wanna think how it works but YAY!

Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Showergel
Korres is known for their refined smelling natural shower products. Honestly, I thought I knew how vanilla and cinnamon smelled like. Because this stuff smells like coca-cola. Is it a bad thing? Is there a hidden connection between cola and cinnamon? Questions, questions. However, the smell of this shower gel is pretty subtle and very nice. The formula is not drying. But it’s not cinnamon people!!


Yves Rocher Apricot Botanical Scrub
Polishes your skin with apricot kernel powder without damaging it. Leaves it amazingly smooth and soft. Smells like peach soda. Love, love, love.

& Other Stories Shinjuku Bloom mini hand cream
A cute tiny hand cream in metallic tube with shea butter, macadamia and almond oil. Instantly sinks in, moisturizes, smells like cherry blossom. The only controversial thing is that the smell is strong. Real strong. So next time I’m picking up something more subtle/that goes well with my perfumes from the range.

And what about you guys? Have you finished up anything recently? Have you tried anything from my list?


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