Embryolisse Gentle Cleansing Bar
This face soap is way more gentle than the one from Clinique – I had the dry/normal skin type one. Smells like all the other Embryolisse products. Doesn’t dry out your skin. This type of a cleanser really appeals to me, so I will probably repurchase it. But if you guys know any good cleansing bars, you should share this knowledge in the comment section.

Biafine Act
To cut a long story short, Biafine Act is the same thing as Biafine. And Biafine is a French national hero when it comes to healing sunburns and other skin irritations. As a rebel and experimenter, I’ve tried it on my face (of course). I have a capricious skin, but Biafine turned out to be great. For me it’s a foolproof way to moisturize, soften and calm down my skin. The formula is lightweight with a matte finish, the fragrance is subtile and pleasant. The tube is big, so it lasted me for 6 months. And of course, it works wonders for sunburnt skin.
One of my 2015 beauty favorites.

Kiehl's midnight recovery

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
My beauty failure in a mesmerizing blue bottle. Midnight recovery concentrate is one of the most popular facial oils, however it got me really disappointed. It just haven’t done anything good to my skin. It wasn’t moisturizing, didn’t work better paired with a face cream. Then I started to get blemishes and stopped trying to love this bad boy. I’ve finished the bottle up as a body oil which felt way better as the smell is so soothing and fresh.

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel
This soap-free shower gel lathers up very well and doesn’t dry out your skin. But what’s really special about it is the smell! It’s such a unique and delicious combination of wild flowers and honey. Warm and relaxing. Contains “Community Fair Trade honey from the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve in the southern region of Ethiopia”. Looks like confiture. 

Body shop cream

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream
I love anything that smells like almonds (it makes me think of Christmas in Vienna, nut desserts, Nutcrackers and marzipans) so I’ve picked up this little guy during some kind of sales. This hand cream smells predictably delicious and sinks in instantly due to its light formula. Level of hydration: light.

Avon Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
A nice hand cream with a gorgeous fragrance of chocolate and coconut. I don’t think it can be a miracle product for super dry and damaged skin. It’s just that good basic everyday cream that lightly moisturizes your hands and gets absorbed within a minute. Absolutely enjoyed using it.

Bath body works lotion

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion (Berry Flirt & Honey Sweetheart)
I bought a huge bag of colorful Bath & Body Works bottles when they opened their first shop in Moscow. Then something changed – I didn’t want to smell like berry ice creams and strawberry cheesecakes anymore. Both of the lotions have a frivolous fragrance and a decent level of hydration so I’ve been using them both at day and night time. We’re in the middle of the winter and surprisingly I haven’t experienced any skin dryness yet though I do always suffer during cold season .



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