Musée Zadkine is a rare example of sculptors’ studios in Paris. The famous sculptor Ossip Zadkine and his wife Valentine Prax (an artist herself) were living and creating here for almost 50 years (between 1928 and 1967). 

Ossip Zadkine was born on 4th July 1890 in Vitebsk, Russian Empire (now Belarus). He went to art school in London, then settled in Paris (1900) and entered École des Beaux-Arts. In Paris Zadkine befriended avant-gardists and joined the Cubist movement but soon developed his own unique style influenced by archaic African and Greek art, as he found his main inspiration in Louvre halls. Zadkine made a long way from the primitive and laconic geometrical sculptures to more detailed, more complicated, enriched with the inner spaces and artistic metaphors ones. You can clearly see that in different periods of time he took from baroque art, surrealism, art deco, romanesque style. Zadkine never set himself any limits, so his creations can be described in two opposite ways – either compact and structured or almost surreal, deformed, bizzare (see below).

ossip zadkine

Formes Feminines, 1922.

ossip zadkine

Trio musical, 1927.

ossip zadkine

La ville detruite, 1951.


La demeure, 1963.

ossip zadkine

Orpheus, 1948.

ossip zadkine

Ossip Zadkine and Valentine Prax rented a studio with a garden in the 6th arrondissement in 1928.
« I feel as if I have been transplanted and I still don’t know whether it’s true! Come and see my Assas folly and you will understand that a man’s life can be changed by a dovecote, by a tree »
 – Zadkine wrote to his friend André De Ridder on his moving to Rue d’Assas.

ossip zadkineossip zadkineOssip Zadkine in 1965.

Musée Zadkine was opened in 1982 according the bequest of Valentine Prax. Nowadays it contains about 300 sculptures, as well as drawings, gouaches, photographs, and tapestries. Since 1995 the museum presents 3 to 4 exhibitions of contemporary art each year. 

Ossip Zadkine was an artist of a remarkable capacity for work and sense of freedom. His works are full of poetry and love for nature, the human and his best creation – art. So let them turn you from a passer-by to a spectator by visiting this bright atmospherical studio. After all, access to the permanent collection and garden is free.Musée Zadkine

Musée Zadkine

Musée ZadkineMusée Zadkine

Official website: Musée Zadkine
Address: 100bis Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris.
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 10 am-6 pm.


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