Hi, my name is Mari and I am one of those people who always prefer to walk. I don’t drive and I hate public transport (who doesn’t?), so I walk a lot. I love strolling around, discovering new spots, going to places, so it makes me walk even more. And as all the meticulous people, I want to know how much I walk. My first step counter experience was that Nike app on my iPod, which was nice. The problem was that it was ruining the battery so badly, that I was constantly paranoid of being left outside with no music in my headphones. The fear was real.

This summer my boyfriend surprised me with this little fitness tracker which I was a bit skeptical about at first. The brand is unfamiliar. I’m not educated enough to read what’s written with these hieroglyphs. And I really need to wear it non-stop, even at night, even in the shower? Whaaat!

As you might have guessed, I tried it out. And I was wearing this band ever since. Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band is a simple and light fitness tracker. It’s made of silicone (the bracelet), plastic and aluminum (the tracking device) and weights only 5 grams, so you don’t feel it on your wrist. The design is cool and sleek. Choose from 5 neon colors or go for the black one. The gadget comes in a durable carton box. Mi Band is water resistant. It has a smart alarm, works for 30 days and completely charges up within 2 hours.

The tracker has no buttons or screen – only three LED indicators which help you to see how close you are to reaching your step score which you set via the Mi Fit app (free for iOS and Android). The app plays the leading part in the whole thing! It shows the number of steps you took, kilometers/miles you walked or ran, calories you burned as well as the graph of your activities through the days. On the app you can set the smart alarm which wakes you up with a vibration. Also don’t forget to add your friends who are using Xiaomi trackers so you can see who’s been a lazy ass today.

I love how simple and weightless Xiaomi Mi Band is. I love that you can choose the color of LEDs. Mine are pink. I love that it does make me more active – cheesy but true.

Let’s round up with three by-the-ways.

  • My wrists are TINY and Mi Band still fits me.
  • Mi Band is super affordable (US $ 14.99).
  • As I know, the brand is called just Mi now. Simple as that. I find it cool.

Xiaomi Mi BandXiaomi Mi BandXiaomi Mi Band


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