Recent discovery: new Franco-Russian book edition which is beyond beautiful.

Louison editions

“In Russia, a writer is a destiny. A writer is a dissident by definition. Tolstoy was excommunicated, Dostoevsky sentenced to death and pardoned soon after the beating of the drum, Gogol, Solzhenitsyn, Pasternak, Bulgakov were buried alive, and they are legion, these devils of beautiful words.
The moments when the dissidents are allowed to be published never last too long in Russia. And one should not be a prophet to guess that the door is closing again.

Created in 2015 in Paris, Louison Editions is a publishing house dedicated to modern, independent and committed Russian literature.
Its mission is to publish free authors and their disruptive works of high literary quality, which reflect a worldview.
Shortly, some of them will become spokesman of the great Imperial Russia, others will be asked to leave the territory, others will pop off the slab and write masterpieces that will be read only after their death. To be a writer in Russia is whether to sell your soul or to die at the stake of your own books.”


Le Hollandais Volant – Youri Maletski
Feu Rouge – Maxim Kantor
Nostalgia – Various Authors

Coming soon:

La Reine des Trains – Sophia Koupriachina
Masiafucker – Ilya Stogoff
Soyez Comme des Enfants – Vladimir Sharov
Le Tao du Saxophone – Andrei Batov
Le Bateau en Argentine – Alexei Makushinsky
Ce que tu veux – Roman Sentchine
Le Journal d’une Kamikaze – Marina Akhmedova
1993 – Serguei Chargounov
Je Suis Tchétchène – Guerman Sadoulaev

Official website: Louison Editions

Pictures 1 and 2 are taken from official site of Louison Editions. Picture 3: Librairie Polonaise, Boulevard Saint-Germain.


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