Musée de la préfecture de police is another rather special museum experience. Its collection is pretty innocent but what’s exciting is that the museum itself is based in a working police department of the 5th arrondissement. I mean, you pass through a metal detector and make your way to the door of the commissariat surrounded by police cars and officers with guns. Then you take an elevator to the third floor and open the door of one of the most quiet and unknown museums of the city.

Musée de la préfecture de police was founded in 1909 by prefect Louis Lépine for the Exposition Universelle (1900). Nowadays it has a big collection (2000 pieces!) of police uniforms, weapons and documents connected with the history of France (photographs, letters, drawings and manuscripts)  and relics of the World War II. You will learn about some famous crimes and people who were fighting them, see the almost real guillotine and the scene of crime, and even estimate the outfit of the famous Gendarme.

The admission is free.

Musée de la préfecture de policeMusée de la préfecture de police

Musée de la préfecture de police

Address: 4 Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, 75005 Paris.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am-5 pm. Sat: 10 am-5 pm.



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