For the first time I got to know Stephan Zaubitzer’s works this summer in Galerie Cinema Paris. It was that visual obsession from the first glance. The photographs are reflecting some of my main aesthetic loves – big city life, abandoned places and quiet melancholy about times that are never coming back.

Marocco, Madagascar, Romania, California, Texas, London, India, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Cuba… The Silver Screens project is an endless journey with brief stops on the other side of the road. Old cinemas. Neon lights. Posters with old Hollywood movie stars. Empty halls with washed out velvet seats. Retrospective, perfect geometry and a thoughtful look of a stranger.

“Once the lights have gone down (or the sun has set over an open air cinema), the screen bathes the viewer in its glow. The rectangle becomes a bustling horizon where your imagination is invited to roam. Bathing in this unnatural light, the audience lives and breathes the story that is told in 24 images per second. The screen is then forgotten, and only the story remains.

The cinema defines the neighbourhood it is in as much as the neighbourhood defines the cinema. When a cinema closes down, the whole soul of the neighbourhood is amputated” – Stephan Zaubitzer

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The photographer is using a large format view camera.
You can read a brief biography of Stephan Zaubitzer on LensCulture and get to know his news on his official website. It’s in French.


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