Back in 2009 Italian designer Gianluca Gimini started asking friends and complete strangers to draw a bicycle by heart. Some of the people came out with ordinary bikes, some of them drew something rather surrealistic. However depicting such an everyday object was a struggle for pretty much everyone. The surprised designer kept collecting the drawings and this year he finally decided to take part in his own project. He picked the most interesting images and turned them 3D.

I collected hundreds of drawings, building up a collection that I think is very precious. There is an incredible diversity of new typologies emerging from these crowd-sourced and technically error-driven drawings. A single designer could not invent so many new bike designs in 100 lifetimes and this is why I look at this collection in such awe…

I became the executor of these two minute projects by people who were mainly non-designers and confirmed my suspicion: everyone, regardless his age and job, can come up with extraordinary, wild, new and at times brilliant inventions.” – Gianluca Gimini

velocipedia 1velocipedia 1 1velocipedia 2velocipedia 2 2 velocipedia 3velocipedia 3 3 velocipedia 5velocipedia 5 5velocipedia 4velocipedia 4 4 velocipedia 7velocipedia 7velocipedia 6velocipedia 6 6You can see more pictures and support the Velocipedia project on behance.


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